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    Bimetal Thermostats

    · MODEL NAME - ET-80

 Refrigerators, Show Cases(cold storage, freezing, thermal insulation),
Ice Maker, etc
Function & Featuresv
 -Temperature automatic control for removing frost and for protecting
the frozen rupture in the cold storage or freezing systems
-Easy to install at the small or narrow space as slim shape
-Small size with high contacting capacitance
-Available waterproof and dustproof types with welding vinyl tube on
the part

Safety Certificates
UL File No. E126365
CSA File No. 085546
VDE File No. 132011
Rated Current AC 125V/15VA, 250V/7.5A
Temperature Range -20℃ ro 150℃
On/Off Differential MIn. 10℃, Mornal 15 to 25℃
Temp. Tolerance Operating or Reset Temp.±3℃ Min.(standard ±5℃)
Life Cycle 100,000 cycle Min.at rated
Dielectric Withstand AC 1.8kV for 1 second
Insulation Resistance 100MΩ Min.
Internal Resistance 100mΩ Max.